Are Tile Roofs Really Better?

The Quality Of A Tile Roof

When it comes to the roof, one of the most complicated questions is how we choose the right type for our home. This is not easy, given the variety of the available materials. Homeowners who install a new roof can choose between different types of tiles or bituminous shingles.

Tile roofs are typically metallic or ceramic and represent a durable and popular roofing material, recognized for its many advantages that recommend it as a better option than bituminous shingles  –  another popular material.  For complete protection, have one of the skilled roofing companies in Dallas Texas do the installation that warranties their work.

Next, we will try to present these materials in an objective manner, to help you make the right decision for your own roof.


Metal tiles

Metal tiles have an impressive list of advantages, starting with their easy installation that can be performed by any professional roofer and continuing with their particular resistance, durability etc. Most roofing companies propose their clients complete systems that include the installation and maintenance of metal tiles and auxiliary systems (gutters, downspouts, roof vents), plus the rest of the necessary accessories.

Compared to the rest of the materials, metal tiles are lightweight. And if the aspect is a reason that keeps you away when it comes to investing in a roof made of this materials, that means your attention should be directed to models covered with a coat of quartz sand. Why do manufacturers produce such an alternative? First of all, coated metal tiles are visually more appealing than their glossy painted versions, but the main advantage is that they offer excellent sound damping properties.


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles represent one of the most durable roof cover options, ready to protect a building for 50 years and longer. The advantages of opting for ceramic tiles are numerous, not to mention that they provide excellent comfort in the space below the roof; this is why most owners who turned their attic into a living space also installed ceramic tiles on their roof.

Soundproofing and thermal characteristics also fluctuate in very promising parameters, which is a plus for the buyer. In terms of appearance, ceramic tiles are versatile, and can be successfully used even for roofs with a special design.

However, unlike metallic tiles, ceramic tiles are a heavy material that puts pressure on the structure of the building; therefore consolidation works may be required.

Ceramic tiles are also fireproof.


Bituminous shingles

Logistically and financially, bituminous shingles embody the most convenient choice, hence their popularity. Their sustainability is not extraordinary, but the first thing that recommends them is the affordable price, followed closely by easy installation and lightweight. Bituminous shingles can be installed by several methods and are suitable for any type of roof, being a traditional material, frequently used in the past.

However, it is good to know that this type of roofing material has a warranty of only about 10-15 years and also presents disadvantages related to poor ventilation under the cover. Moreover, it is considered to be a particularly flammable material, which makes more and more buyers to turn to other options.