What Areas Are the Best to Buy Near Denver?

Best Houses To Buy 80602 areaThe Denver metropolitan area is huge and it offers a really varied and diverse landscape in terms of real estate – housing options in the area come in all sizes and in a very wide price range, so here are some of the best areas and neighborhoods in and around the city, include houses for sale 80602 area code.

Holly Hills

A safe, peaceful and well-developed neighborhood close to all the bustle of the big city, Holly Hills has a population of almost 3,000. The suburb is both quiet and comfortable, with all the shops, bars and restaurants that you need. The schools in the neighborhood are highly rated and security is great, too. Median home value in the suburb is quite high, around 370,000, with over 90% of local housing being owned by its dwellers.

North Park Hill

The neighborhood currently has a population of slightly over 10,000 and it is developing dynamically. According to most of its residents, North Park Hill is among the best places to live in the entire state of Colorado – the settlement has a distinct urban feel, with all the amenities that are necessary for comfort and leisure. The district is inhabited mostly by young professionals, which gives the entire neighborhood a refreshing, young vibe. The median price of a home is a couple of thousand less than in Holly Hills and there is more choice for those looking for rentals as well.


With a population slightly under 10,000, Stonegate is a moderately vibrant, very attractive and very safe neighborhood, with great schools and all the amenities that you can think of. The district has lots of parks and playgrounds, making it a great choice for families with young children and there are lots of thriving local businesses as well, so employment is also available. Median home value is around 370,000.


The neighborhood is quite large, it currently has almost 22,000 residents, out of whom about 75% own the place they live in, while the others live in rented housing. Median home value is quite high, over 510,000, but for that money, you can get to live in a diverse neighborhood, with lots of housing styles and with lots of opportunities to spend time actively, outdoors. The neighborhood is family-friendly and home to some great schools.

Highlands Ranch

Located just around 20 miles off Denver, the neighborhood of Highlands Ranch is charming, seducing the visitors and making them want to stay by showing the real beauty of Colorado. Highlands Ranch is a city on its own right, with a population of over 105,000 and median home value of slightly over 405,000. The settlement gives home to over 40 public schools, among them some of the best schools in the state, traffic is fluid and amenities are plentiful. Locals agree that the place provides the perfect combination of urban comfort and diverse opportunities to spend time outdoors. Highlands Ranch also ranks high when it comes to safety, making it a great place for people of any age, for young families with children, to retirees and to all age groups in between.