When Do You Need To Do A Full Kitchen Remodel?


When Is It Time For A Remodel

In the UK there is a saying: “an Englishman’s home is his castle”. And this is probably a general feeling all over the world. We are all proud of our homes and want to make them look their best. They provide us with warmth, comfort and safety. Or do they?


Have You Looked at Your Kitchen Lately?

This may sound like a pointless question, because you go in the kitchen every day. You cook, you put food on the plates, you clean…But you are not aware that you have the same old kitchen from years and years ago. And that, just like with every manmade object, every item in the kitchen has suffered from the usual wear and tear.


Some of the things in your kitchen may still look acceptable. But others are barely hanging in there by a thread. Plus, the dynamics of your family has changed over the years. You got married and had kids. But the kitchen stayed the same.


How Can You Tell that It Is Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

There is no single moment when you have an epiphany – “I have to renovate the kitchen!” Rather, it is an accumulation of little things and one day the glass is full and you open your eyes to reality.


We don’t want you to wait until then. This is why we have found out the most common issues people had with their kitchens that decided them to do a full remodel.


These are:


  1. Cleaning the Kitchen Is a Nightmare

The floor tiles are worn off and there is always dirt left in the indentations no matter how hard you scrub them. The countertop is marred with chips and cuts from sharp cooking knives and there is grease and dust permanently logged in there. The kitchen cabinet doors have paint peeling off them.


If your kitchen resembles this description, then you know what you have to do: renovate it from floor to ceiling.


  1. The Layout Is Awkward

Kitchen styles evolved over the years. There was a time when ergonomics was not taken into account by kitchen designers and producers. If you feel that you are constantly bumping into pieces of furniture as you are cooking, then you clearly have an outdated kitchen.


  1. The Case of the Disappearing Storage Space

Do you have to resort to storing various items that belong in the kitchen in other cabinets and chests of drawers in the house? Then your kitchen furniture was made in an age when people had fewer appliances and could fill up their kitchen with several cabinets.


Modern kitchen furniture is made to help you save space – with as many shelves and drawers as possible to store more items.


  1. Your Electricity Bill Is a Monthly Nightmare

How can you possibly use so much electricity each month? It is simple – your kitchen appliances are old and do not have energy saving technology. Even if they still work well, they are costing you a fortune in electricity bills.


  1. You Hate Your Kitchen

It may not be a logic based argument, but it is quite valid. If you completely dislike your kitchen, its dated furniture, and its out of fashion color palette, then you have to do something about it. You deserve a beautiful and modern looking kitchen where you will enjoy spending time and cooking for your family.  Take some time to visit one of the kitchen showrooms Denver has and layout a plan of how you want your new kitchen to look and function.